Germany Buys Monsanto – and Sells the TTIP to Europe (MUST READ)

Ed-note (Sabba) – This article describes Germany as ‘the vassal in chief’ and I would like to elaborate on this theme a little bit further. In the EU project, which is only a part…

Source: Germany Buys Monsanto – and Sells the TTIP to Europe (MUST READ)


Trumpology: A Master Class

The Ugly Truth

df4a3-trump2bcaricatureED Noor: The following is a long read that answers many questions about Donald Trump and what drives him.  Those participating in this discussion have been Trump biographers since the very beginning of his career and their stories are quite telling. We are provided with a deep insight into Trump and his father Fred, Donald’s mob dealings are also profiled along the way. Never named as such is the Kosha Nostra but the Russian mob, primarily Jewish, gets frequent and significant mention.

Although no mention is made of the Jewish connections, we know they are there none the less and must always keep that in mind. No one, absolutely no one, who plays in New York and Atlantic Cities can avoid doing business with the Wall Street mafia.

If you adore Trump and the horse he rode in on, this might be slightly rough reading. None of these biographers is…

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